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Our Story


Learning that so many people around the world suffer from dysphagia and pill fatigue, we were determined to provide a solution to both these issues. We began to explore convenient, safe and fun alternatives to pills and powders and Wicked Gummy Co. was born!

Who could forget to take their health boosting supplements when they taste like sweets? We really mean it when we say Healthy Never Tasted So Naughty!


We believe that taking your vitamins and supplements should never feel like a chore – that’s why our mission is to make getting and staying healthy as easy as ever.

We strive to make Wicked Gummy Co. everyone’s little daily treat – they’re packed with good stuff but taste like sweets, so it adds a bit of fun to something people normally see as a pain to remember.


Committed to using only high-quality plant-based alternatives, we decided to develop our gummy range with pectin; a naturally occurring ingredient found in fruit which creates a jelly like consistency.

Our gummies are:

100% Vegan (registered with the Vegan Society)

Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Allergen-Free, Cruelty Free

Created using only natural ingredients 


While there is undoubtedly a “fun” aspect to taking gummies, we did not want this to detract from the efficacy of our products. Absolutely no exceptions could be made in trying to create the best nutritional gummies on the market.

This is why our range is formulated by science and engineered by our team of health and nutrition experts for fast absorption and ultimate efficacy.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and we are actively looking for ways to further reduce our environmental impact and become as sustainable as possible.

We are always listening! We encourage our customers to give us feedback whether it’s to tell us what product they want to see next, or suggestions on our packaging, we are committed to ever-evolving and bettering ourselves.